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6 Snapchat Tricks and Hacks for 2019 - Sovereign Beach Hotel Kos

Snapchat is undoubtedly a good way of sharing photos instantly. Owing to limited bandwidth and the detailed nature of the snaps, sharing contents via this platform is ordinarily very strenuous. Photos sometimes take too long to load and may even slow down the system altogether.

To get round these issues, you need to adhere to some hacks. Our conversations hereunder endeavor to do just that. We have identified some six awesome hacks which will definitely make your life and experience better.

Tip I: Customize your emojis

As a start, you may consider customizing your emojis. Emojis ‘visualize’ your emotions, commands, replies, and other non-verbal expressions. They also add some hilarious effects to your conversations. Customizing may take many forms. These include decreasing or increasing the sizes or combining them to generate the desired ends.

Tip II: Modify Texts

Next, you may modify your texts as a way of influencing the way in which your conversation is likely to be understood. You may invert, blow up, shrink, or inflate the texts. While at it, simply add the text in the image, alter its size, invert or rotate, whichever the case may be applicable. ‘Pinch’ the textbox appropriately to generate the necessary feedback.

Tip III: Leverage the Snapchat Lens

As stated above, Snapchat is primarily a picture-sharing site. It hence follows that much of your activities shall revolve around matters photography. The best snapchat hack is to leverage hence is the lens itself. The platform does provide many unique filters to alter the final appearance of your photos. Only be sure to follow the prompts faithfully.

Tip IV: Archive your friend’s photos

Snapchat does not have built-in server space for storing your friend’s photos forever. At the same time, your phone’s hard drive can only accommodate that much number of photos at a time. To succeed in this, look out to third-party apps like Snapsaver and Snapchat Saver. They provide the space and means to archive your photos indefinitely.

Tip V: Enable night camera mode

When taking photos at night, you, by all means, have to enable the ‘night camera’ mode. You should also charge your phone fully to be able to generate the flashing lights. To enable the ‘night camera’ mode, tap the moon icon. It shall activate the low-light camera mode to let you capture awesome pictures in moments of poor visibility.

Tip VI: Make do with multiple filters simultaneously

For best photo outcomes, you might have to make do with multiple filters simultaneously. These many filters will alter and enhance the quality of your snaps significantly. Some of the ‘must use’ filters are colored filters, temperate, timestamps, and geo-filters. Together, they make your snaps also easier to interpret by a third party.

To do so:

  • Capture some shots via Snapchat
  • Slide your finger to the left or right
  • Select your first filter
  • Place one finger on your snap
  • Slide the same to the left or right
  • Select the second filter, and so on…


WOW! You now have what it takes to elevate your Snapchat experience a notch-higher. You only have to read through our hacks a second or third time. As you do so, narrow to one which is more likely to make your experience awesome. We wish you all the best in your subsequent endeavors!