Do you often find yourself with the endless ringing of phones in your office, and you don’t know which one you have to pick up? There are solutions to your problem, specially adapted to the different office needs that you might have. That’s why we took the liberty to go over some of the solutions, so you can make your decision with ease.

For Small Businesses

We found that the best business phone solutions, for small-scale businesses, give you an opportunity to combine different phone types into a unified and comprehensive system, that monitors and captures all the information you need. One such solution is MIVoice Office 250, specially designed with small-scale businesses in mind, this system gives you everything you need and enhances the productivity of your working space.

For Small Offices

If you are in search for business phone systems that are adapted for your office space then, first of all, you need to know what your office needs are and what devices you need to link into a unified system. There are many solutions on offer, we will present one such system.

Ooma Office is ideal for the context of a small office because it offers a range of performance and system features that you can use to optimize your work environment. You can link up your office equipment, phones, and network, with a system that can easily be installed and is affordable. 


Call Centre Phone System

Businesses that have a call center have specific needs that have to be addressed with a phone system that can incorporate all that comes with the work requirements. The system needs to: incorporate call center tools, integrate customer relation programs, have a clear dashboard, and a service plan. All these features can be integrated into a unified system tuned for your call center.

There are many solutions you can engage; the final decision will depend on your needs and financial restrictions. We will like to recommend one such system, that has gotten good critical acclaim. The Mitel phone system for call centers has many features that make it attractive for this line of work. One of its main features is the fact that it gives system options to all types of businesses regardless of the hosting option you have. It offers cloud-hosted, on-premises or hybrid solutions, and it also has a mobile feature that is suited for Android phones.


The above-mentioned phone systems are just some of the many solutions that you can find to address the needs of your small and medium businesses. The best approach is to know what needs you have, and what part of your business workspace you want to integrate together with your phone devices. Then do the research or read the features that the different systems offer so you can optimize your workspace and earnings. This is not a hard enterprise and have in mind that a lot of people are working on the solutions for these problems.