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Light Hugo Cocktail (Elderflower Prosecco Cocktail) - Sovereign Beach Hotel Kos

Whether you want to enjoy a really good cocktail, or you are celebrating, no drink is better than light Hugo cocktail. Hugo is a tasty and fresh cocktail that is perfect for a hot summer. Light Hugo cocktail is the ideal drink of the summer. The crazily hot evenings can be a headache for you. You need to have a great companion in such times. The light Hugo cocktail is just the perfect drink. This is a classic summer cocktail with elderflower and mint. It is the cocktail to make a toast with, light and bubbly. This article exclusively goes through all that you need to know about light Hugo cocktail (elderflower prosecco cocktail).

The Perfect Summer Cocktail

We are honored to introduce to you the light Hugo cocktail. Italian locals are all raving about this new cocktail. It is a light and refreshing prosecco-based cocktail. Hugo cocktail was first made by Italian barman known as Roland Gluber and has since spread beyond the borders. More so, there are lots of different varieties of Italian wines. If you never confuse Italian wines, you are either an Italian or a professional sommelier. It feels like getting into cloudy water blindly when trying out new Italian wines. There are a ton of ridiculously good Italian wines. Some of these best sparkling wines from Italy include Metodo Classic, Franciacorta, Prosecco, Asti Spumante and Lambrusco. The sparkling prosecco wine is an essential ingredient in the preparation of light Hugo cocktail.


Light Hugo cocktail is more spritzer than a cocktail. It the Hugo cocktail lighter version. The ingredients are easy and readily available. For the perfect cocktail, the ingredients include a handful of mint leaves, sixty ml elderflower syrup, some ice cubes, two hundred ml sparkling mineral water, two hundred ml prosecco or sparkling wine and lime slices. These ingredients will prepare two large light Hugo cocktails. Although prosecco italian sparkling wine is the best option traditionally, any dry sparkling wine should do in a pinch.


It is very easy to prepare the Hugo at home without any special cocktail making equipment. Take a large wine glass half filled with ice cubes and fill it with water. Slap four mint leaves in your hands and twists them to crack and release oils. Add them to the glass and pour in prosecco and elderflower syrup. Splash a little sparkling mineral water and combine them by stirring gently. Garnishing with more mint is optional. The flavor and sweetness of elderflower syrup vary in depth. You may hence want to adjust it to the mix of your liking. The piece of lime mostly serves as a decoration of your delicious drink. Additionally, if you don’t feel like taking this cocktail, you can just add some elderflower syrup to a glass of water and enjoy it that way.


In conclusion, light Hugo cocktail is a light alcoholic drink that you cannot afford to miss out especially in the summer. Its delicious taste will leave you refreshed. Wines and beer are still enjoyable and traditional. However, light Hugo cocktail gives a stylish exciting and great alternative to the traditional.