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How We Make Awesome Pool Parties - Sovereign Beach Hotel Kos


This is a crucial part of party planning since it sets the tone and defines the atmosphere. Always pick a theme so you can have a better focus on the details. This is the easiest and most creative element of party planning!


As for the details of the decoration, those come with the theme. For example, if you pick a Hawaiian theme, you already know the decoration will be floral, the drinks will be garnished with coconut or pineapple, and there will be leis.  

If you choose, a theme like “Mermaid Madness”, make sure to have little plastic shells and fins everywhere. If on the other hand, you choose a color-oriented theme like “Blue Lagoon”, think about using a combination of light and dark shades of blue for the decoration details.


You should pick one color to be prevalent just to make it easier for yourself. Tip – pick a soothing summer color, preferably pastel and make your gathering seem like a daydream. Think of incorporating something stunning to break the pastel convenience. Get a few emoji pool floats to keep things super interesting and fun.

emoji pool floats


It is always best to serve beer and cocktails for a pool party. Beer is a standard drink for any occasion and is perfect to cool down a summer day. Cocktails always give the party some flair. You can use colored drinks to follow the theme of the day. What is more, cocktails are usually served with a lot of ice which is perfect for hot days.


Food should be light and low-fat since people will be in the sun all day. Think about simple finger food such as hors d’oeuvres. Maybe even make them vegetarian hors d’oeuvres as to avoid the risk of keeping various meats in the sun all day. Fruit is a must have since it is colorful and hydrating – and can be served as dessert.


Party planning starts according to what kind of crowd you’ve invited over. Think about what makes people comfortable. Put out lawn chairs, lay down blankets and bean bag chairs in the shade. Stretch out a hammock if you have one. Remember, some people don’t enjoy swimming as much as basking in the sun.


Keep all of your guests in mind when you plan. These guests still want to be part of the party. We suggest getting large pool inflatables, so they can still mingle with the people in the pool without dipping their toes in the water.


This is a very important part and can make or break the party. Music should definitely be varying. Start out with ambiance music to make everybody comfortable and relaxed. Mix some drinks, have a few laughs, set a comfortable tone for everyone. After a while think of something with a little more pizzazz. Our suggestion is Mediterranean or Latin music. Think about playing some Greek, Italian or Cuban music. This will surely liven up things and get people to start dancing.