The type of equipment that you select for your spray tan business will determine the time you take to spray, fill and cleaning that machine. One of the most crucial decisions you can make for your spray tan business is to invest in a top quality machine that will serve you and your customers. Below are the top best types of equipment that you should consider for your spray tan business.

1. MaxiMist Evolution Pro

The MaxiMist Evolution Pro tops our list for the best spray tan equipment. It is good for both beginners and experienced tan spray artists. Assembling this equipment is very easy as you need to connect the hose to the compressor and the gun to the hose and you are ready to go. It is lightweight and weighs about 8lbs. The equipment has a professional look, it’s easy to clean and less overspray, making it ideal for your spray tan business. The MaxiMist Evolution Pro is well built with quality materials that make it long lasting.

2. Fuji SalonTAN Pro 2150

The Fuji SalonTAN Pro 2150 gives professional tan artists the control, volume and precision they need on their daily routines. It has a 2-stage motor that is well balanced to enable dozens of spray jobs every day. The equipment has adjustable features so that one may adjust the spray according to the clients’ needs. The equipment does not heat up easily even when working with it continuously without rest. The spray tan system is quite expensive and comes with a two years warranty from the manufacturer hence it’s worth the money.

Aura Allure Side View

3. Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine

The Aura Allure spray tanning machine is one of the latest models in the industry today. The machine comes with a sleek metallic body that makes it look elegant. The machine is lightweight and artisans can use it for long hours without getting tired. The turbines of the machine operate at 76 decibels which makes it quite while on use. With this machine, the amount of solution overspray is reduced hence there is no wastage. The Aura Allure spray tanning machine known for its smooth and great coverage on the skin as it is equipped with maximum optimization features.

4. Black Fascination FX

The Black Fascination FX Spray tanning machine is designed specifically for professional use. The machine comes with a carry bag, 8-foot hose, pop-up tent, and a spray gun. It is designed with silver highlights that make it look sleek and beautiful. You can use this machine anywhere without getting complaints about noise since it is quiet. The machine is fast and does not overspray hence there is no wastage of the tanning solution. The cost of purchasing this machine is quite affordable and ideal for those staring a new tanning business with a low budget.

In the market today, you will be spoilt for choice when choosing the best spray tanning machine. However, not all machines will be suitable for you. Therefore, it is important to understand the different machines before you spend your money.